This year’s Rising Stars VIP reception — an annual event the week preceding the actual Rising Stars ceremony — was held at the United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum. It was a fitting venue. The room was packed with champions.

The Colorado Springs Business Journal began recognizing our region’s outstanding young professionals many, many Rising Stars classes ago. And you can find former Rising Stars continuing to make an impact at the foot of Pikes Peak today. You’ve likely read stories about their accomplishments here.

Like Usain Bolt, this tradition of recognizing excellence isn’t slowing down. As a nonprofit, Sixty35 news magazine continuing the Business Journal’s mission to deliver truth, build community and engage citizens. And it just so happens our reasons for being align with the values of many of the Rising Stars you’ll read about here.

These are champions for their communities — champions for culture, champions for entrepreneurship, for history, for the environment, for the marginalized and less fortunate.

The room in which the VIP event was held the evening of March 7 was split down the middle by a display of Olympic torches from various Games throughout history. This was also fitting. The 2023 Class of Rising Stars burns bright… and it’s inevitable they’ll pass that flame onto others.

Congratulations to this year’s Stars. We’re very proud of you and can’t wait to see where you take our city.

—Bryan Grossman, Executive Editor

Rising Stars class of 2023