Water line to Mesa Tank undergoing emergency repair

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Courtesy of the city of Manitou Springs


The city of Manitou Springs’ Public Works Department is performing an emergency water main repair on the water main that connects the city’s Mesa water storage tank to Manitou Springs. As a result, water service will be disrupted for a large percentage of Manitou households as water pressure drops. For this reason, the city is urging its residents to conserve as much water as possible:

  • Turn off sprinklers;
  • Do not wash sidewalks, cars, etc. with water;
  • Avoid laundry, dishwashing, etc.; and
  • Do not use water for anything but necessary activities.

Currently, there is no estimated time of completion as the city’s emergency response crews are beginning the digging to locate the main that requires a repair. City crews are assessing the situation and gathering data.

Once the water connection is restored, discolored water and/or low water pressure are normal. Please run your bathtub tap on cold to resolve the issue.

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