Spring’s on its way and touring bands are coming out of hibernation

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Courtesy Desperate Electric

I often think of winter as the rockers’ hibernation period. Sure, shows have been going on, but now that we’re getting closer to spring more tours are coming through — and it’s about to get wild… I always find that March and April — when the weather’s nicer and bands want to hit the road again — are the busiest months for live music. (Joke’s on them though, because this is Colorado and the weather likes to play tricks on us!). It’s March now and the concerts are rolling in. Whether you like reggae, indie rock, hardcore, noise, punk or reggaeton, there’s something for you!

It all kicks off with a bang on Thursday the 9th at The Black Sheep. They’ll be hosting the crunchy hardcore of California’s SUNAMI along with the hardcore-infused death metal of 10 to the Chest and Sewerslide. If you want to catch a friendly elbow to the face, this is the show for you. Those who prefer to remain unbruised can head to Lulu’s in Manitou. Downstairs will be hosting Americana from Minneapolis three-piece The Last Revel. Upstairs at Lulu’s, The Short Term and Glitter Porn will be putting on a killer show of local rock.

The crunchy hardcore of California’s SUNAMI will join the hardcore- infused death metal of 10 to the Chest and Sewerslide.

Glitter Porn has a busy weekend ahead; they’re playing another show Friday the 10th at Vultures with Denver’s Team Nonexistent and Tiny Humans. Or head next door to The Black Sheep for some grooving reggae from HIRIE.

Saturday night is now upon us with a fun and energetic show at Vultures that will bring electro-infused soul from Montana’s Desperate Electric, along with Ozonic and Dream Fugitive providing local support. And The Black Sheep will help you get your dance on with The Bad Bunny Birthday Bash! DJs will pay homage to reggaeton icon Bad Bunny, along with more of your favorite reggaeton hits, to ensure you dance the night away. Bar-K’s newly renovated basement, The Doghouse, will be hosting an eclectic show with experimental noise and hyperpop from May Leitz, Bunny Showstopper, Zander and Bent.

Now for Sunday. While the weekend feels like it’s almost over, you still have another night to go out and enjoy yourself before the Mundane Mondays. Catch the dreamy, ethereal indie rock of Los Angeles’ Down Time at Vultures, with indie rock from Same Dude and psych from Briffaut. There’s another great Sunday show next door at The Black Sheep. Mid-2000s emo band The Spill Canvas — formed in 2001 and back after a 10-year hiatus with new albums and tours — will be joined by Arms Akimbo and Sending Skyward.

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