Ruth Bader Ginsburg mural defaced in COS

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Photo by Pam Zubeck

mural on the side of a Palmer High School building celebrating women’s contributions to society has been defaced.

An Indy reader, who’s an environmental activist and voter advocate who wished not to be named, says she reported the damage to the building on Boulder Street twice without anything being done.

The mural was sponsored by the League of Women Voters as a way to promote women’s voting rights.

Photo by Pam Zubeck

Damage seems to be limited to an ink smear to the face of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a more recent addition of “666,” commonly associated with Satan, to her forehead.

“Disappointed that it remains as first appeared several weeks before school started in September,” the reader tells the Indy via email. She adds she had hoped students themselves would be offended and take on the repair themselves or “insist it be done.”

Sometime after the start of school and in the last week, the 666 was added, along with a mustache, she says.

Colorado Springs School District 11 Chief Communications Officer Devra Ashby reports the district is searching for a solution.

“We had to go to the outside vendor who installed the artwork,” she says in an email. “They apparently have been working on various remedies to prevent the complete removal and replacement of the mural, as the damage is extensive.”

The vendor told D11 the remedy isn’t “a simple reprint and patch over the damage.” Rather, the tar used to smear the image is on the vinyl itself. It’s not possible to merely slap a new piece over the damage, because the damage would still be visible below it.

Ashby says the vendor hopes to have a solution soon that would not require replacement of the entire mural. In the meantime, she reports, the D11 facilities team “did the best they could. I think it looks good, but also now the vendor will be working on a permanent solution.”

Here’s the result:

Courtesy D11

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