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“Norwood is mayor” signs dot landscape

From the campaign trail: endorsements and more
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Signs popping up. (Photo by Integrity Matters)

Signs are popping up around town saying, “Norwood Development is mayor, Your Water is My Water.”

Simultaneously, activist group Integrity Matters is posting signs saying, “Wayne Williams. Developers’ Dream.” Dana Duggan, a member of the group, acknowledged Integrity Matters is posting those signs, and the signs bear the group’s name as sponsor. She did not know who is posting the other signs.

Williams is supported by the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs, which gave him $50,000, and David Jenkins, owner of Norwood Development, who’s believed to have given generously to dark money groups in support of Williams.

At issue is a water rule that Williams supported that detractors say gives Norwood a monopoly on developable land within the city limits, because it imposes water requirements on land proposed for annexation.

City Council President Tom Strand, who’s running for mayor, has endorsed Roland Rainey Jr. in the at-large City Council race.

“Roland’s commitment to our community, robust leadership in the business and aerospace industry, along with his positive energy and vision is what our city needs during these unique times,” Strand said in a release. “He understands the importance of tackling public safety and mental health, and collaborating with city organizations to bring about solutions to our homeless issues. I endorse Roland Rainey Jr. He is a proven leader that is ready to work for our city!”

Kat Gayle has been endorsed by Climate Cabinet.

“Climate change is no longer a future issue, it’s a climate crisis, and we’ve seen firsthand in Colorado Springswhat could happen if we ignore the facts and stick to our political corners,” Gayle said in a release. “It is an honor to receive Climate Cabinet’s endorsement, because now is the time to elect pro-climate champions who will put families — not special interests — first. I am that pro-climate champion for Colorado Springs City Council At-Large and I will fight tooth and nail to protect the schools, places of worship, and community we cherish most the moment I step into office.”

Sallie Clark

Former State Rep. Marsha Looper has endorsed Sallie Clark for mayor. “The Fountain Creek Watershed District and Southern Delivery System are two of the most important projects for long term water sustainability and growth for the City of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region,” Looper said in a release.

Looper sponsored legislation the Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District.

“Sallie Clark was crucial for success of the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) and Senate Bill 09-141, allowing for the creation of the Fountain Creek Watershed District,” Looper said. “The passage of these two policies allowed for the advancement of the Southern Delivery System after decades of delays and failures. Sallie was involved in countless meetings with stakeholders, endless days and nights working on a reasonable policy between municipalities, and fostering a collaboration between cities, counties and utility stakeholders. She is a fearless leader who has delivered the most substantial water successes for our region while a County Commissioner,” Looper said.

She added, “On the other hand, her mayoral opponent, in 2008 voted against the IGA. If the IGA would have failed, the Fountain Creek Watershed and SDS projects were doomed, leaving the City of Colorado Springs and the region without a long term sustainable water supply.” She was referring to Wayne Williams, who served as a county commissioner at that time.

Three sitting City Council members have endorsed Glenn Carlson in the at-large Council race — Nancy Henjum, Yolanda Avila, and Bill Murray.

Glenn Carlson (Courtesy of the candidate)

In addition, he’s been endorsed by The Downtown Partnership and Pikes Peak Association of Realtors.

In a written statement, Richard Skorman, former city councilor and vice mayor said, “Glenn could be the best prepared to hit the ground running of ANYONE on the ballot this April.  He has not only done his homework from running before, but he has stayed very involved in our city’s challenges. And close to my heart, he is a small business owner [who’s] able to be pragmatic and not ideological and he is a huge champion of our trails, open space and parks.  I’m voting for Glenn and I hope you will too.”

Carlson said, “I’m delighted and encouraged to receive support across the community. It’s important to me that so many organizations and leaders are excited about my vision for our city.  I’ve worked really hard here for a long time to make Colorado Springs the best city it can be. I’m excited to take that next step on the city council using my experience and energy to solve our toughest challenges.”

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