Margo Price dishes up ten stunning tracks of Strays

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The title of Margo Price’s new Strays (Loma Vista), and its off-season delivery, might lead the wary to assume the album is composed of B-sides and leftovers. In reality, Price and her husband Jeremy Ivey crafted these songs carefully during lockdown, then fleshed them out with guests like Lucius and Sharon Van Etten. The result is the finest work by far from the alt-country queen.

The opening track, “Been to the Mountain,” hits the listener with the fervor of early Patti Smith. Even many that start slow, like “Light Me Up,” turn raucous by mid-track. One true slow, sad country song, “County Road,” entrances listeners with a perfect steel guitar. Price has offered a portfolio of fine albums over the past decade or so, but the new one belongs in that rare category of every track hovering close to perfect.

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