Letter to the Editor: Lamborn not addressing real issues

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124 and Counting….

This is the number of “blast” emails our esteemed CO-5 Representative has “blasted out” since January 1, 2022!

The significance of this number is that NOT ONE, REPEAT, NOT ONE of these emails have addressed any issue for anyone in the District concerned about Education (except to deny history); Healthcare/Medicare/Medicaid (except he is against any form of healthcare except for the military and the military industrial complex – and himself and his fellow congresspersons); Energy Policy (except he is a promoter of non-renewable energy); policies how elections and voting work in the District, State and) on the National level; Climate Change (except he is a climate denier); issues around race and ethnicity; COVID-19 (except he downplayed it and endangered his staff when he contacted it); investigations into former President Trump (except he is an election denier); size of government (except the military and the military industrial complex and the room I the capitol for his son to reside); immigration (except he has no plan for solving this); gun policy (except to promote more gun ownership regardless of the circumstances); crime (except to blame others and denying the truth regarding this issue).

And all of these important issues will be not addressed by our (sic) CO-5 District Congressman Lamborn. Alas!

James M. Hesser

Colorado Springs

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