Letter to the Editor: Best of luck to cadets

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Regarding the article “Cadet project would keep planes on course if GPS fails

It’s good to see that a project is being worked by cadets despite no academic “credit”. It’s also good to see “4star support”… very unique.

I hope the cadets see a “payoff” … but not too soon … as this could mean a significant international impact in navigation, communication, banking, and C&C… and that situation could spell a very large conflict.

Still – it is good to use theory in practical applications! There is great value in knowing the applications of the theory to include the limits of its application. In my experience that theoretical limit was lost in applying a method developed back in 40s-50s and was attempted to expand it beyond the speed limit (<250 kcas). So to relearn it, I had to derive the theoretical equation paying close attention to its application. Result has been a reinvigorating of a very useful method for flight testing and subsequent flight manual changes in very established (old) airframes.

Best of luck to the team.


Robert W Ryan, MSAE, FTE

Lt Col, USAF (Ret) [USAFA ‘75]

Vero Beach, FL

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