Editor’s Note: Nick, and other bright spots

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Nick Raven

Baby steps.

We promised you updates, and we have a little bit of bright news.

Today — March 29 — Nick Raven is back!

Nick was one of our reporters until March 15, when we had to lay off half our staff as we fought to keep the company afloat. Nick has rejoined us part time as Social Media Manager and Culture Reporter for the Indy, and we’re thrilled. You helped make this possible by signing up for memberships, and making donations. 

We have other progress to report, too.

As of March 28, our fundraising campaign had attracted $49,282 in memberships, donations and subscriptions toward our goal of $125,000. 

And between March 16 and 28, we collected $115,718 in past-due funds, out of $283,000 in receivables. 

As we bring back the Indy and the Business Journal, and as we rebuild our newsroom, it’s the memberships that will be critical to our survival. Membership creates consistent cash flow — and cash flow is how we pay our staff, and create a sustainable team to bring you the news. Our initial goal is to create a community of 2,500 members. 

We’re excited about our progress, but there’s a long road ahead — and there’ll be hurdles along the way. We’re grateful for your patience and support. You can help us keep bringing you the news by signing up for a sustaining membership at, and by sharing our membership page with your friends and colleagues. 

And say hi to Nick! Good things are happening.

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