Editorial: Telling Southeast stories, building bridges

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Amy Gillentine, Publisher and Executive Editor

When we started the Express back in 2019, the world was a vastly different place.

There were no deaths or long-term illnesses from COVID, no sign of a recession in sight, no supply chain issues, no inflation.

That’s not the world we live in today. We must cope with all those things – and more. We know you are dealing with them as well, in your homes, families and businesses.

But this communication hub is important to Sixty35 Media, and we know it’s important to you. So we aren’t going to stop. What we are going to do is … pivot. Remember that word from 2020? When the world stopped and we all had to adjust, not all of it easy or fun? We still must do that.

So: Here’s the news from Sixty35. We want to – and we will – continue to tell your stories. But we’re not stopping at telling Southeast stories to Southeast residents. Instead, we’re going to start to build a bridge from the rest of the city to the Southeast. We’re going to let them know of the awesome things that are happening in Southeast, the amazing restaurants, the vibrant community, the biggest park in the city, and so much more.

The Express will become – three weeks out of the month, part of Sixty35 magazine, where it will join news from the Indy, the Colorado Springs Business Journal, the Pikes Peak Bulletin and the Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group. All those papers will, starting Jan. 12, become Sixty35 magazine.

We’ll send those stories across the city, sharing your news with other areas and with Southeast residents too. And once a month, we’ll deliver the Southeast Express in a slightly tweaked format, to your homes. Just like we do now. The effect is more frequency, more news and more stories about challenges faced in the Southeast. But also, more stories about sports triumphs, small business success, incubators and educators..

We’ll be taking this news online too – at sixty35media.org. It’s coming to you by Jan. 1, and it is going to be amazing. Go there now and sign up for news and information from our newsletters, including the Southeast newsletter, which brings Southeast news right to your inbox.

And we want to hear from YOU as well. Want to write about your corner of Southeast? Let us know. We’re happy to pay you to write a column about what life looks like for you and what organizations are doing to assist Southeast.

We think this is good news. For Southeast, for the nonprofit and for the community. Our mission is to deliver truth, build community and engage citizens. Let’s partner to do all of that in bigger and better ways.

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