Editorial: No more ‘marked as safe.’ Make us safe

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Nick Raven

The Colorado Springs Police Department is taking a wait-and-see, “that’s part of the investigation” approach to whether Saturday’s horrific mass shooting at Club Q was a hate crime, and whether the suspect was also arrested last year for violent offenses.

That’s their right; that is how their job works.

Our job is to tell the truth.

Hatred toward LGBTQ+ people still runs rampant in this county.

Hateful rhetoric and false claims from politicians and lawmakers and school board members fan the flames of violence against LGBTQ+ people.

None of us are safe while lawmakers favor unfettered access to weapons.

Our leaders must unequivocally condemn gun violence — and act on it.

Our leaders must unequivocally condemn hateful rhetoric against LGBTQ+ people — and end it.

We call on our politicians and lawmakers to stop dogwhistle politics, stop stoking division, stop making life dangerous for people who deserve peace and protection.

We call on our politicians and lawmakers to find a spine and make gun reform happen. Step up on red flag laws. Stop being subservient to the NRA. Stop pretending you care about “freedom” when what you really care about is holding on to your seat.

Stop tolerating lies. Stop pretending the status quo is safe. Stop tapdancing around the harm you can see.

As citizens, we must turn our heartbreak, anger and love into action.

1) Donate to, or volunteer with, any organization that supports and protects LGBTQ+ people. Here’s a list.

2) Call — and call out — your leaders in politics, in law enforcement, in school districts, in every position of power. Demand urgent, specific, relentless action on LGBTQ+ protections; on gun reform; on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Then keep calling those leaders, until they act like people who never want to see this happen again.

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