Developer withdraws controversial 2424 Garden of the Gods proposal

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(Photo by Helen Lewis)

City Council today (March 28) voted to accept the withdrawal of the controversial 2424 Garden of the Gods project proposal, the source of years of conflict between its developer and residents in and around the Mountain Shadows area.

This means the developer would have to begin the process over again if it wishes to develop the property.

We reported yesterday that attorney Steven Mulliken, representing the developer, had asked City Council to delay the hearing on an appeal from Planning Commission from today to Aug. 8.

Reasons for the delay request included scheduling conflicts with that date by the developer’s “team” as well as efforts to develop and present information pertinent to the grounds for the appeal.

After City Council rejected the apartment complex development in 2021, the developer appealed that decision through the courts but then reintroduced an alternate plan that lowered density, among other things.

The Planning Commission recommended Council approval of a zone change and concept plan, but residents have appealed that.

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Citizens had flooded Council with emails urging that the hearing not be postponed, we reported yesterday. That story is here.

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