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December 7 – 4 staff picks to check out this week

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Wednesday, streaming on Netflix

Watch: Wednesday

Marketing and Events Director Jessica McMullen and Digital Media Specialist Sean Cassady both enjoyed Netflix’s new Addams Family show, Wednesday. “I was very hesitant to watch it because of the spot The Addams Family holds in my heart, but it went in a new direction that really honored who the Addams’ are,” McMullen says. “Wednesday is perfection. It’s cheesy and goofy at times but in an Addams Family-appropriate way,” Cassady says, “It’s not HORROR, but it’s not kid-friendly, mostly. Learned that the hard way.”

Read: Climate Change From A to Z

Our Executive Producer for Podcasts, Dave Gardner, says Elizabeth Kolbert’s new essay for The New Yorker, “Climate Change from A to Z,” is required reading. “You could call this ‘climate change 101,’ or ‘most everything you need to know about climate change (as of right now),’” he says. “Elizabeth Kolbert has written a brutally honest assessment of where we are in the climate disruption story, how and why we got here, and does a pretty good job cataloging the challenges we face.” Read it at

Play: Starship Captains

Marketing and Events Director Jessica McMullen recommends Starship Captains, a tabletop game. “It’s a really fun 1-4 player game that plays more like older board games were played — turn-based with fairly direct interaction — but also has some really fun mission and interactive bits,” she says. “It’s for people who like board games, shorter strategy games (60-90 minutes) and love Star Trek.”

Listen: We Were Three

Account Executive Viktoria Costantino recommends the new three-part podcast series We Were Three, a collaboration between The New York Times and Serial Productions. “We Were Three begins with a family devastated by COVID. It delves into the question of how do people — rather, this particular family —­ become COVID/science deniers,” she says. “It has brought me to actual tears. It’s really humanizing [because] it’s all part of a systemic problem.”

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