City’s annual report reveals shifting demographics in 2022

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Graphics courtesy of the city of Manitou Springs

According to the 2022 annual report the city of Manitou Springs released in late January, 4,856 people lived here last year. That’s up slightly from the 4,853 counted in 2021, but both were major drops from the 2020 population of 5,448.

However, the division of genders has remained steady: 47 percent female and 53 percent male. (The U.S. Census gives only two options.)

People aged 40 to 59 remain predominant among all age groups, but the percentage changed over the three years reports have been issued. In 2022, that age group comprised 34 percent of the population, up from 29 percent in 2021 and 2020.

In 2022, the largest percentage of household income distribution was 34 percent: households earning $100,000-plus. In 2021, they were 37 percent of the city’s population. In 2020, the predominant income was households earning $25,000 to $49,999, at 23 percent.

The largest percentages for average household occupancy have changed over the years. In 2022, 41 percent of households consisted of one person. In both 2021 and 2020, the dominant group was households consisting of two people, with 38 percent.

See the entire report here.

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