UPDATE: City executives get raises

Increases for three people will cost taxpayers $26,756 more a year
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City Hall (Photo by Kin Scott)

UPDATE: Due to incorrect information provided to Sixty35 by the city, Emily Evans’ salary increased by 5 percent ($6,551), not 10 percent. The error was caused by the city citing her salary prior to the latest raise as $125,715, rather than the correct figure of $129,486. Evans’ salary of $129,486 was established by a City Council action taken in May 2022. The story below has been changed accordingly.


What could you do with thousands of extra dollars a year?

Three top officials with the city saw their paychecks increase by up to $8,831 a year. Those changes, recently approved by City Council, are as follows:

City Attorney Wynetta Massey: from $219,138 to $227,969, a 4 percent raise.

City Auditor Jacqueline Rowland: $188,670 to $196,273, a 4 percent raise.

City Council Administrator Emily Evans: $129,486 to $136,037, a 5 percent raise.

City code requires the salaries be set by ordinance.

Fittingly, the increases were effective on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2022, according to the ordinance.


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