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Not much money flowed in and many candidates didn't file
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This story has been updated to add information on some candidates whose reports were filed today, Feb. 2.


The campaign finance reports due at midnight Feb. 1 in the April 4 city election don’t tell us much, because large amounts didn’t flow into candidates’ accounts and many candidates haven’t filed a report. Candidates aren’t required to file until they receive money.

Amounts raised, spent and on hand as of the Feb. 1 filings, for mayoral candidates:

Yemi Mobolade: $281,291 raised so far, $101,661 spent; $179,630 on hand. At $8,237 in donations in the last two weeks of January, Mobolade had his weakest fundraising performance so far.

Longinos Gonzalez Jr: $192,642 raised; $29,612 spent; $163,030 on hand. Gonzalez gave another $10,000 to his campaign this cycle, increasing his total contribution to his own campaign to $160,600.

Sallie Clark: $157,695 raised; $18,967 spent; $138,728 on hand. She collected another $25,000 from The O’Neil Group LLC this reporting period, bringing O’Neil’s donations to $50,000.

Wayne Williams: $151,594 raised; $61,838 spent; $89,756 on hand.

Andrew Dalby: $27,199 raised; $4,251 spent; $22,948 on hand.

Darryl Glenn: $11,911 raised; $7,291 spent; $4,620 on hand.

Tom Strand: $625 raised; none spent; $1,295 on hand. (These figures don’t agree with previous reports, which showed he had raised $2,427, spent $671 and had $1,756 on hand.)

Kallan Reece Rodebaugh: No report.

Johnathan Tiegen: $189 raised; $189 spent; zero on hand.

Lawrence Martinez: No report.

Jim Miller: $80 raised; zero spent; $80 on hand.

Christopher Mitchell: No report.

At-Large City Council candidates:

Glenn Carlson: $3,846 raised; $351 spent; $3,495 on hand.

Jane Northrup Glenn: $280 raised; $88 spent; $97 on hand.

Roland Rainey Jr.: $3,525 raised; $142 spent; $3,383 on hand.

Lynette Crow-Iverson: $6,000 raised (all from the candidate); $6,000 spent; zero on hand.

Brian Risley: $6,084 raised; none spent; $6,084 on hand.

Katherine “Kat” Gayle: No report.

Jaymen Johnson: No report.

Jay Inman: No report.

Gordon Klingenschmitt: $5,500 raised; $3,582 spent; $1,918 on hand. (Candidate gave his campaign $5,000.)

David Leinweber: None raised; none spent; none on hand.

Chineta Davis: No report.

Council District 3 unexpired term:

Scott Hiller: $25 raised; 0 spent; $25 on hand.

Michelle Talarico: No report.

Citizens for Colorado Springs Outdoors reported not raising any money or spending any money and having zero on hand. The committee supports the Trails, Open Space and Parks tax extension on the April 4 ballot.

In other campaign news, Glenn Carlson has issued a fundraising email in which he says, “It takes a village to run a successful campaign and get the people we want in office to represent us. This election will be fraught with all the usual stuff we hate about politics. Dark money, outside influence, candidates with axes to grind, and negativity. I don’t operate like. I’m counting on the support of every day people like YOU to help me win this election.”

He also notes, “This isn’t a side project for me. I’m not rich. I’m not retired. I get up every day and do the best I can for my family, our 35 employees, and my community. I’m a reasonable, solutions-oriented person focused on keeping Colorado Springs the great city I was born and raised in.”


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