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Christopher Mitchell – Mayoral Candidate

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Get to know Christopher Mitchell, candidate for mayor in the April 4, 2023 Colorado Springs city election. Interviewers are Sixty35 Media Executive Editor Bryan Grossman and League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region Spokesperson Shelly Roehrs. We fact-checked every interview; see the results below. Candidate’s website

This is one of the 23 interviews conducted with candidates for mayor and city council (two were unavailable). We published them all on March 8 (ballots will be mailed to voters on March 10). You can view these conversations on YouTube here.


We’ll follow up with episodes replaying five candidate forums co-sponsored by Sixty35 Media March 9 – 21. A special thanks to the League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region for partnering with Sixty35 Media on these episodes, and for organizing the candidate forums. Attend the forums in person, view the livestream, or view/listen later to them as episodes of Sixty35 Vote – on YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts. Find the forum schedule and livestream links here.

Sixty35 Vote provides what you need and want to know to be a fully engaged and informed citizen of the Pikes Peak Region. Get to know the candidates running for office, details and perspectives about local political issues, and the people and the money wielding power. Be sure to follow the podcast so you don’t miss an episode. Or, get ALL the hyperlocal Sixty35 Media podcasts by following the Sixty35 Podcast Network podcast.

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