Check out Nightwraith March 3 at Vultures
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Check out Nightwraith March 3 at Vultures.

Denver and Colorado Springs are so close to each other — yet so far apart. The state capital is only an hour(ish) away but we have two totally different music scenes. It’s great, though, that a community has been built where Denver bands play here and Springs bands play up there.

Nightwraith’s Ben Pitts lives in Denver and is no stranger to the Springs scene.

“I personally have a long history with playing shows in Colorado Springs with previous Denver bands,” Pitts says. “It was around 2004 that I started regularly playing the Springs with [former band] To Be Eaten. It was mostly punk houses back then and occasionally Black Sheep, when it was called Industrial Nation. Our favorite shows were always at the High Life House, and for anyone who remembers, it was this really cool community of traveling bands, artists and progressive punk rock kids.”

“It was this great moment in time where it seemed like there was so much fun and opportunity to be had,” he says. “There were some other cool punk houses that popped up over the years, like the Everyday House. I’ve played plenty of shows in the Springs since, with other bands, but those early years were really special. I’m not sure if house shows are still common these days, but if they are, I want to play some more basements!”

“it was this really cool community of traveling bands, artists, and progressive punk rock kids.”
— Ben Pitts

This Friday, March 3, Pitts will bring a stacked lineup of some of Denver’s finest metal acts to Vultures. Nightwraith, Matriarch and Lost Relics will be joined by Colorado Springs’ Ob Nixilis for an evening of Colorado brotherhood forged in the name of metal. (This is quite possibly the corniest, yet most incredible thing I’ve ever written.)

“It’s important for music and music cultures to spread outside of their origins,” says Pitts. “Music and art seem like some of the last pure things left in this world, and they need to be accessible for as many people as possible. We have a vibrant heavy music scene in Denver that can easily be shared with surrounding cities, and we love hosting bands from the Springs too. … It’s also in every band’s best interest to travel outside of their main city to keep growing their following, so it’s mutually beneficial.”

There’s a lot more happening as we head into the weekend. On Thursday, the party kicks off early at Vultures with some reggae-funk fusion from Underground Springhouse and Charlie Milo. Head next door to The Black Sheep for a killer local metal show with The Guise of A Demon, Tovenaar, When Darkness Falls and Beyond Forgiveness.

Friday night, head to the Sheep for some excellent trip hop beats and more from Wax Tailor, with Kuf Knotz and Christine Elise. If you’re looking for some classics, head to Stargazers for a special tribute to folk legends Harry Chapin and John Prine. Performing heartfelt tribute songs will be Joe Uveges, Sean Anglum, Lewis Mock, Stephen Foster, Cindy Greene and Stargazer’s very own John Hooton. The Triple Nickel will be hosting a show of hard rock heavies with Hell’s Circus, Cryptic Writings and Diskount Vodka bringing in the punk. There’s even more heaviness going on in Bar-K’s newly renovated basement venue, now known as The Dog House. They’ll be hosting the thrashy death metal of Pueblo’s Panpsychism, black metal from Among the Land of the Blind, and grindcore from Colorado Springs/Pueblo’s newest hybrid Used Up.

Saturday night is now upon us — so check out some indie rock at Bar-K from Same Dude, Grimmly and Orange Door.

Sunday night, March 5, is one for the books. The Black Sheep will feature the reggae of J Boog and Likkle Jordee. The walls will surely be shaking next door at Vultures thanks to desert rock legends Nebula playing with Never Kenezzard and Replica City. Nebula has been rocking since 1997, when guitarist Eddie Glass and then drummer Ruben Romano formed the band after leaving Fu Manchu. Over the years, the band has had some member changes, with Glass remaining the only original, but still putting out quality rock tunes for heshers everywhere. With more than seven full-lengths, several live albums and EPs, they have a catalog ready to blow out your ears on a Sunday night!

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