Andrew Dalby pumps $375,000 into his COS mayoral campaign

Mayoral forum announced by conservation group
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Andrew Dalby

Andrew Dalby, who’s never held elective office, is serious about his bid for Colorado Springs mayor.

So serious, in fact, that he’s pumped $375,000 of his own money into his campaign, making his total raised thus far second only to Wayne Williams, a city councilor, former county commissione,r clerk and recorder and secretary of state that has won the endorsement of outgoing Mayor John Suthers.

“Like I told you, I got into the race, because I realized that political contribution is more effective than paying attorneys to get the city to obey its own rules,” he says. “It offends me that money talks in this way. I have a voice because I have money and I’m going to try to clean up things.”

Borrowing from the Sixty35 news magazine questionnaire submitted by Dalby, he says:

“Notably, unlike some of the candidates, I will NOT funnel hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to cronies. The first order of business is getting the police staffing up to an appropriate level, so you don’t have to worry about whether your car will still be there and have its catalytic converter attached when you wake up. You also won’t be put on hold when you call 911. I will fix the roads and regreen our parks. It’s shameful that in a time of unprecedented city budgets, when you take your kids to the public parks, there are only weeds and graffiti-covered, locked bathrooms to greet them. They will be safe and pleasant places the whole family can enjoy when I am mayor.”

Asked how he’ll spend the almost $400,000 he has on hand, Dalby demurred, saying he’s not disclosing that yet.


“Calling all outdoor enthusiasts!” says a release from the Palmer Land Conservancy.

The group is hosting a mayoral candidate forum on Tuesday, March 7 from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m. at Ivywild School Gym.

“This is a once in an eight-year opportunity to hear Colorado Springs mayoral candidates discuss their thoughts on land conservation, outdoor recreation, and water in our community,” the release said. It’s unclear why they say eight-year; Springs voters elect a mayor every four years.

If you have a question for the candidates, submit it to

“We all love the land. As Coloradoans, it is our identity – it is foundational to our planning, our economy, our health. As we enter an unprecedented period of growth in Colorado Springs, let’s ensure tomorrow’s leaders are committed to protecting what we hold dear – the great outdoors,” the release says.

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