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4 staff picks to check out this week

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SIE Santa Monica Studio

Play: God of War Ragnarök

The much-anticipated action-adventure sequel God of War Ragnarök has gotten Editorial Art Director Dustin Glatz excited. “God of War (2018) is one of my favorite games of the last decade. The combat is brutal and engaging, and the story is heartfelt and intriguing,” he says. “It builds upon the already amazing gameplay from 2018, throws in a greater variety of enemies and bosses, and finishes out the story for the Norse era of the games.” Available on PlayStation 4 and 5.

Read: Control Freak

Reporter Nick Raven recommends Control Freak: My Epic Adventure Making Video Games, the new memoir from Cliff Bleszinski, former lead designer at Epic Games responsible for action shooters like Unreal, Unreal Tournament and the Gears of War trilogy. “It’s a pretty breezy read, but also an intimate telling of him growing up around Boston, making games through high school and then being mentored into the bleached hair/bunny suit rockstar developer he became known as for a while,” he says. “Would absolutely recommend for those interested in game development.”

Listen: RNB Radar

If you need some authentic R&B on Spotify, Account Executive Felicia Anzaldúa recommends RNB Radar’s curated playlists. “Back in August, Diddy tweeted, ‘who killed R&B,’ sparking a long-overdue debate on the current state of the genre,” she says. “RNB Radar is a curated community of R&B purists run by a full-time husband and dad best known by his Instagram handle, RNB Tomi. They stepped in to defend artists who were doing amazing things to push the genre forward and prove that R&B was alive and well.”

Watch: One Cut of the Dead

Account Executive Viktoria Costantino recommends the Japanese micro-budget zombie film One Cut of the Dead, production gaffes and all. “If I tell you anything about the movie past the first act, it’ll ruin the experience of this goofy take on the horror-comedy genre,” she says. “The poster says it best — if you like Shaun of the Dead, you’ll be pleasantly satisfied.”

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