2023 Rising Stars: Liam Aubrey

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Liam Aubrey (Photo by Bryan Oller)

By Sarah McMahon

It is with deep gratitude for his family, his faith and his community that Liam Aubrey has spent his life in service to our city —and he has no plans of stopping any time soon.

Since Aubrey was young, he has volunteered his time and been highly involved in a variety of ways — from work on councils at Pikes Peak United Way to various roles for the city of Colorado Springs to Habitat for Humanity to Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado to COSILoveYou to work with local nonprofits and political campaigns.

Aubrey currently works at AdPro, a marketing firm, where he is supported for his collegiality and his gifts to the community. “Liam is a significant part of his community and cares deeply,” says Camille Blakely, president of AdPro and one of Aubrey’s nominators for this award.

“He is the first to raise his hand when asked to volunteer. His community involvement in local nonprofits, giving his time and donating money for good causes, helping care for local parks and nature, providing resources for people in need, raising funds for children in need in the community for Christmas gifts, and sponsoring families for Christmas and Thanksgiving are just some of the examples of how Liam works every day to make his community better.”

Aubrey attributes much of his inspiration to his parents Cindy and Peter Aubrey, who both have their own lifetimes of contributing to the community.

"There’s so much cool stuff that’s happening as the town grows.”

“Seeing what my folks did in their careers gave me a lot to learn from those experience. My mom worked as the new director at KOAA for most of my time growing up, and then she worked for the city, and then she went to PPUW,” Aubrey says.

“And my dad had a pretty long career in TV here in town too before he became a stay-at-home dad for me,” he says. Aubrey’s grandparents also spent their lives in Colorado Springs, with his grandfather working at Sinton’s Dairy for around 40 years.

His family’s history in the community has shaped his way of life. “Just seeing how deep those connections to my grandfather ran and just how important doing stuff for their neighbors was for them taught me a lot about the contributions that I wanted to make when I was able to when I was in their shoes,” Aubrey says.

Aubrey moved to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University and earned his degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and a minor in political science. He enjoyed his time in Fort Collins, but knew he wanted to move back to the Springs.

“It was a no brainer for me to want to come back to the place where I grew up because it’s so beautiful and such a  fun place to be,” Aubrey says, “and there’s so much cool stuff that’s happening as the town grows.”

He also moved back to be with his now wife, Tori, who he met in kindergarten at Taylor Elementary. “She’s one of the best things that’s ever happened in my life,” he says. “I’m very grateful, and I know that I’ve been able to do more for the community because of what she’s done for me.”

In between his busy schedule and the crazy weather, you might catch Aubrey at any of the local parks walking his dog or playing disc golf, maybe out on Patty Jewett on a sunny day. Otherwise, you’ll likely catch him at any community-building efforts in the near future.

“I’d like to express gratitude to God for giving us all this great community to share and for each other,” he says, “and the opportunity to be a part of a group of great young leaders who are doing awesome things in this community that we love.”

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