About Us


Our mission is to deliver the truth, build the community and engage citizens.


Journalism exists to tell the truth and to use that truth to develop richer, stronger and more just communities. As members of the region we cover, we shine a light on issues, find solutions to problems and celebrate successes. Through robust debate, we lift diverse views and voices, giving more balance to the decision-making processes that affect our city. We believe that through collaboration and engagement, we create a more innovative and informed community that values diversity, protects freedom, and provides equitable opportunities.

Our values:

Independent journalism is a strong, vital part of every city. We follow the truth; we report it fearlessly.

We follow the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics in our newsrooms as our operating standard and North Star. In all areas, we strive for the highest good of the organization and the community.

We believe in change in a changing world. We believe in using the ideas of our community, our employees, our board and our clients to innovate in ways that are meaningful and make a difference.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We know that when we all do better, we all do better. We believe in opening doors that have been closed, in listening to those who have important things to say and in providing a platform for those who are continually left out of the conversation.

We strive for excellence in everything we do – in our news coverage, our events, our efforts on behalf of clients, members and the community.

We believe in working together – collaboration over competition. We hold this inside the walls of Sixty35 Media within our departments and we believe in collaborating with community organizations, clients and individuals.